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  • Schooling
    • Graduate of Campbell University, studied religion and philosophy
    • Graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School, Master of Theological Studies
    • Master of Divinity, forthcoming
  • Work/vocation
    • Part-Time Youth Minister, St. Francis UMC
  • Recent film favorite
    • Capitalism: A Love Affair
  • Recommended film from the past
    • Jeremiah Johnson
  • CD most likely playing right now
    • Bon Iver, “For Emma, Forever Ago” or Umphrey’s McGee, “Safety in Numbers”
  • Favorite childhood band
    • Phish (still a fan)
  • Recent book favorite
    • To Love a City by Rev. Bill Barnes
  • Influential book from the past
    • Dynamics of Faith by Paul Tillich
  • Weird quirk or pet peeve
    • I don’t eat red meat (for almost every reason you can think of)
  • Special gift or secret talent
    • Prophecy
  • Something that keeps me awake at night (and often into the morning)
    • My guitars (the people below me love that!) and coffee consumed after 8pm
  • Deep thought or good quote to ponder
    • “Preach always. If necessary use words.” –St. Francis of Assisi
  • Favorite place(s) I’ve been…
    • The Great Smokeys, especially the A.T.
  • Internet links or blog…
  • If I could spend a day with a dead person…
    • Hmmm…Roger Williams perhaps?
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  1. November 16, 2009 8:20 am

    Yes…. loving it. Roger Williams. Crazy Baptist.

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